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What is the ideal frequency for cleaning the pool?
It all depends on the quality of the service, the experience of the Pool Guy, how much the pool is used and by who it is used by (people or animals), the climate (summer or rain), the surrounding vegetation.
There are several factors that determine the duration of cleaning the pool.
If all goes well, the pool cleaning can be done at least once a week.
Pool cleaning includes two types of essential treatment. Chemical treatment and physical treatment.
Pool Chemical treatment: PH, Alkalinity and Chlorine need to be up to date. Algicides need to be used when needed. Pool Treatment to combat phosphate should also be started when necessary.
Physical treatment: disinfection (Pool correct cleaning with vacuum to remove dirt from the bottom of the pool, use the sieve to remove leaves and insects and brushing to remove stains and dirt on the walls) and especially the maintenance and work of the filter.
The filter must be in excellent working condition. The Pool filter need to stay on for as long as necessary to remove impurities from the water. The Pool filter is washed once a month and it is recommended to change it once a year.

The equipment in the pool must be up to date.
Pool Pump, Pool filter, skimmer, Pool heater, plumbing, drains, lamps, everything needs to be working so that the quality of the service is complete. Emanuel Pools are obliged to inform the customer when repairs are necessary. Early diagnosis of the Pool repair avoids higher costs.
Pool Pump - is designed to work with clean water, and low temperature water.
The Pool pump can never work without water, it damages the seal and the engine. The registers need to be open. In case of vibration, noise or high temperature, immediately turn off the Pool pump and let your pool guy  know.
Pool Filter - the Pool filter is the lung of the pool, responsible for heavy work. It retains all impurity and leaves the water with a crystalline aspect.
For this, The Pool Filter must be washed once a month and changed at least once a year. It all depends on how much the pool is used and what is around the pool. If there is a lot of vegetation and dirt, the Pool filters durability will certainly be shorter.
Skimmer- is responsible for the superficial aspiration of the pool. Vacuum all impurities, leafs, insects, and hair. Often the skimmer has a leak and needs to be replaced or repaired to return to its function and not affect the level and quality of the pool water.

We also offer a service package to facilitate the work of season rental administrators.
We serve our clients accurately and objectively in order to provide a great experience to those
who request us.

Pool Acid washing is a process performed in the pool to remove stains that appear over time and that do not come out with chlorine. The pool needs to be drained.
Remember that Pool acid washing is not a cure for all stains in the pool. In fact, in many cases acid washing does not remove deep stains. This happens when the Diamond Brite in the pool is very old, so the spots are chronic. In that case, just renewing the Diamond Brite to resolve.

We installed a Pool salt system.
Salt water pools have emerged as a trend, an alternative to traditional chlorine pools.
The pH of the generated chlorine remains to be monitored and adjusted.
One of the biggest great advantages of salt water pools is the reduction in the continuous use of toxic chemicals.
The systems use a chlorine generator that produces the chlorine needed by the pool by electrolysis using a salt solution, that is, the salt water of the pool itself. This chlorine is natural and is usually considered less harmful.
Salt is softer on the skin than industrial chlorine and even the chlorine generated by electrolysis is less harmful to the skin. This means that the symptoms of irritated and sensitized skin, red eyes and irritated nose will be much less. And in addition you will not smell the chlorine, nor have your hair bleached! 
With less chemicals, saltwater pools are more environmentally friendly.

Our company installs automatic system through the smartphone and with remote control. You can adjust the lights, the heater, the spa jets, the fountains and the waterfalls.
All by a simple touch on your smartphone.

It is important to carefully handle the chemical balance of the pool to avoid the proliferation of
bacteria present in the water. A pool full of untreated water can be a perfect place for diseasecarrying
microorganisms. Water without chemical equilibrium can damage the pool, make the
water cloudy and cause serious damage to health such as irritating skin and eyes.

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